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A global network of experts at your availability for
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What is an “expert”?

For GS Partners an expert is “a person that can answer the knowledge needs of our customers professionally.”
When people hear the word “expert” they might imagine someone working in an advanced technology field,
but these are not the only experts.
An expert is not defined by its field, but by its degree of knowledge in that field.
In our global expert network, we have many experts with deep knowledge in various industries and fields.
An expert in our network can be a decision-maker at one of the many departments in a large Japanese or international company,
or a Key Opinion Leader (KOL) doctor working in health. Among many other types of experts.
Regardless of industry or field, we can meet the needs of our customers for any expert.

Supported Industries

Automobiles &
Automotive parts
Infrastructure &
IT &
Logistics &
Electronic Commerce
Electronics &
Pharmaceutical &
AI & IoT
Construction &
Real Estate


GS Partners provides a platform where subject-matter experts from all kinds of industries and fields gather to support your business.
By providing you with first-hand information and local knowledge that cannot be obtained by desk research alone, we help you improve your research and facilitate decision making.

Expert interview

Leveraging our global network of subject-matter experts, we offer you the opportunity to consult with experts from all industries and fields. We introduce you to a vetted expert, and you can interview them online or face-to-face.
Before doing costly and time-consuming research work such as surveys, you can let an expert guide you in which areas to pursue your research.

Proxy interview and reports

Our global network has experts from many countries and nationalities.
If the language of the expert is a barrier, or if you do not have time to interview the expert yourself, GS Partners can do the interview on your behalf and report the results back to you.
Our interviewers have the experience and skills needed for technical interviews. Interviewers prepare and study your market ahead of the interview to ensure the quality of the report.
You can use our network and report service to conduct market research worldwide.

Market research

In addition to our services of organizing and conducting expert interviews, we also offer market research as a complete solution.
We make full use of our global network of experts, and complement it with desk research and market analysis done in-house by GS Partners. We present the results to you in a report that reflects the first-hand knowledge of experts.


Expert introduction

GS Partners’ global network has more than 300,000 experts registered.
The experts in our network are active on the front lines of their industries and fields.
You can talk directly with an expert and get real and first-hand knowledge.

Expert registration

At GS Partners, we believe that all experts can play an active role in the global economy. We provide our Global Expert Network as a platform for all experts to participate. Whatever is your industry or field of expertise, there is a business that is interested in your knowledge and experience.
There is an opportunity waiting for you. Would you like to join us and help expand our Global Expert Network?


Strategy consulting firm working in the insurance sector

The firm wants to know about the market opportunity of deploying IoT to lower insurance claims. Additionally, they are curious about whether the data collected could become a business opportunity using Big Data to offer insurance benchmarking as a service. Here is how GS Partners help them find answers.


Q. What kind of experts there are?

A. The most common kind of expert in our network is decision-makers at one of the many departments in a large Japanese or international company. Many of our members are also Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) doctors working in health.

Q. Can you provide experts for very niche markets?

A. We have an extensive network of experts, many of them in niche markets. If an expert is not readily available, we can also recruit a new expert for you on short notice. Please inquiry with us.