1. Entering new markets

By definition, new markets are uncertain and risky for investors. The knowledge of an expert can lower that uncertainty and help you decide whether to enter a new market or not. Experts will give you information about a new market opportunity, such as: estimating the market size, predicting a time-frame, analyzing competitors, and identifying key challenges.

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One of the most frequent problems faced by consultants and market analysts is when technological trends become ‘buzzwords.’ Examples today are Blockchain, Big Data, Internet of Thing (IoT), Machine Learning, AI. There is a sense in many industries that there is a new market opportunity using these technologies, but it is not clear what is the correct time-frame and go-to-market strategy to size that opportunity. The answer varies depending on industry, market, and specific technologies. Many of our clients reach out to us in order to find an expert who can answer whether a new technological trend is a short- or long-term market opportunity for a given industry, and what is the best go-to-market strategy.

2. Best Practice Benchmarking

Companies are constantly improving their processes. Nowadays, companies do not need to limit themselves to their own internal knowledge, they can also learn from competitors and the market to improve their processes. Small and big companies benefit from best practice benchmarking. The knowledge of an expert that has interacted with a wide variety of companies can help you identify the best practices in your industry. An external expert can bring objectivity to your own self-assessment, and help you understand how do you compare against your competitors in performance metrics.

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Best practice benchmarking can be applied to your own company as well as to your suppliers and key partners. Benchmarking is also used as due process before mergers and acquisitions. Benchmarking is especially important in partnership between companies in widely different industries. Many of our clients reach us in order to find an expert who can answer objectively how do their companies and their key partners compare against the best practices in their respective industries.

3. Innovation

In the modern world, innovation has become one of the most important factors to a company’s success. Innovation can be applied to products, services, and even business models. Innovation can sometimes be incremental and sustaining, and other times radical and disruptive. It is important for businesses to identify innovations early on and to classify them accurately, whether an innovation is an opportunity or a threat largely depends on how proactive is a company in identifying and pursuing innovations. The knowledge of technical experts, specially engineers and scientists, can help you to identify innovations early on before information moves up the management hierarchy. Technical knowledge is also necessary to understand what is truly new about a technology and whether it has the opportunity of creating new value.

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Product innovations can originate in the consumer or business market. Successful innovations in the consumer market usually expand from their original market into the business market, and vice versa. However, exceptions also exist, and some innovations do not expand to other markets. Many of our clients reach us in order to find an expert who can answer whether an innovation that is gaining track in the consumer market can also be applied to the business market, and vice versa.

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