Consulting firm working in supply chain logistics


The firm wants to assess the combined capabilities of a key partnership between a big manufacturer and a factory automation company in order to offer Industry 4.0 solutions to third parties. The consulting firms wants to know how each company on its own compares to its industry peers, and how does the partnership as a whole compare with competitors offering the same solution.


We recruit specialized experts with a long experience in either of the two companies in the partnership, in addition to experience in at least one of its competitors. We recommend 5 experts from each company in senior positions with direct involvement in the partnership and Industry 4.0 solutions. The client choses two experts, one from each company with experience working for competitors as well.


The experts offer an objective assessment of the two companies involved in the partnership. Both partners are acknowledged as leading companies in their respective sectors: manufacturing and factory automation. Overall performance is in line with best practices in the industry and performance metrics that could be improved are identified. The need for a partnership is validated as each company has capabilities that the other does not have, and which are necessary in order to offer Industry 4.0 solutions. The experts recognize that the combined capabilities of the partnership are difficult to match for other traditional competitors in both industries, either on their own or through similar partnerships. However, the experts warn that there is a risk from non-traditional competitors in either manufacturing or factory automation. Experts identify that IT companies are also advancing in offering Industry 4.0 solutions. Despite both companies being leaders in their respective industries, they lagged behind the best practices of IT companies in some performance metrics that are becoming important for Industry 4.0 solutions. By objectively evaluating the two companies involved in the partnership, both partners were recognized as market leaders in their respective industries, improved their performance metrics, and were able to achieve results beyond their expectations.

Case Studies