Foreign financial institution


A financial institution wants to know what is the future of Virtual Reality (VR) innovation in the business market. The consulting firm is familiar with VR devices, especially stand-alone VR headsets (all-in-one VR headsets) being sold in the consumer market, but it wants to know if this innovation can also be brought to the business market. The consulting firm wants to know how big the business market for VR is in the present, and what will be the main business use cases in the future.


We recruit specialized experts with a long experience working on VR headsets, especially stand-alone VR headsets on the business market. We recommend 5 experts in senior positions from management and engineering that have worked on VR solutions aimed at the business market. The client choses two experts, one with experience on management and sales, and one with experience on VR software development.


The experts explain the state of the art of VR technology, and the main differences between the consumer market and the business market. The experts explain in detail the differences between technical specifications, weight, and price between consumer market VR headsets and business market VR solutions. The experts also explain the differences between tethered VR headsets and stand-alone VR headsets. Given the immature state of the technology, the experts warn that business use cases are still being identified and that the technology needs to be developed further in order to gain wide adoption in the business market. The experts share information about the business use cases that have been tested recently, and offer an estimation of which industries will be the ones to use VR the most in the future. It is difficult to obtain this much information at the same time through other means. The perspective from multiple angles provided the financial institution with a clear vision for the future.

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