From an era of looking for information to an era of acquiring information.

With the evolution of IT, and especially the Internet in recent years, the amount of information we can obtain has grown exponentially.
Nowadays, there is an overabundance of information. However, too much information can also be a problem, you can be overwhelmed by it, unable to identify what is important and what is not. Often information can be biased too.
We often hear about information not being fully utilized or analyzed.
In order to analyze information and make full use of big data, it is not possible just to chase quantity blindly.
Our global network of experts has a lot of accumulated experience and can give you the most reliable information through a direct interview.
GS Partners is here to assist your knowledge needs.
We aim to be a platform that provides accurate and prompt knowledge, and continues to help you in accelerating business growth.

Company profile

GS Partners Ltd.
Japan, Osaka city, chuo-ku, namba 5-1-60,
Namba SkyO 27 F.
Go Nagai
Expert interview service, database of experts, and market research.


  • Go Nagai

    Go Nagai

  • Taiki Kaneda

    Taiki Kaneda

  • Juan Sebastian Montoya

    Juan Sebastian Montoya

    Market research
  • Naohiro Eto

    Naohiro Eto

    Expert research
  • Takahiro Ito

    Takahiro Ito

    Expert research
  • Risa Koizumi

    Risa Koizumi

    Expert research