Would you like to work at GS Partners?
We are looking for new members to join our team.

To help expand GS Partners’ global network of experts
Job description
・ Domestic and international sales of GS Partners’ database and services.
Sales are mainly done online. There is no need for visits in person or traveling.
・ Finding and recruiting new experts.
Finding experts in Japan and around the world across a wide variety of industries.
・ Ability to work independently.
・ Business English level.
・ A cheerful and optimistic personality.
・ Corporate sales experience.
・ Japanese proficiency if Japanese if the applicant is foreigner or not a native speaker (JLPT1 or equivalent level of proficiency even if it is not a holder of JLPTN1).
*No particular education degree or age requirement.
Smoking is not allowed at work.
Determined based on experience and results.
Work location
Osaka city, Japan. WeWork office located at Namba SkyO building 28th floor.
During training, you will work at our office to learn the job. Once you become able to work independently, you can also work remotely.
Application method
We would like to know more about you. Please send the following information into one single PDF file to
1. Self-introduction.
2. A photo that shows your personality (not an ID photo).
3. Cover letter explaining the reason why you want to work with us.
4. Tell us an example of something that you have worked hard at.
5. Tell us about your hobbies and how do you spend free time.
We will notify you of the result of your application by e-mail.