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GS Partners leverages its global network of subject-matter experts
to support your market research in the industries and fields you want to know more.
Our platform brings together experts from all industries to enable accurate and reliable marketing research in a short time.
By interviewing experts with many years of experience in their respective fields, you can gain insights for your market research quickly.
Our experts can provide you with first-hand information and local knowledge that cannot be obtained by desk research alone. Their knowledge improves your research and facilitates decision making.


GS Partners gives you access to one-on-one interviews with subject-matter experts from a wide variety of industries. We introduce you to vetted experts, and you can interview them online or meet them face-to-face.
Nowadays, there is an overabundance of information. However, this makes it difficult to asses the accuracy and relevancy of information. Market research can take a lot of time and money, but by interviewing an expert directly, you can quickly pinpoint the information you want to know in a short time and at a minimum cost.
Quicker and better research enables you to accelerate the growth of your company, and in turn, leads to business success.
Why not consult with an expert before undertaking more time-consuming and expensive research work? An expert can guide you in which ways to pursue your research.


Our global network has experts from many countries to which we can introduce you.
If the language of the expert is a barrier, GS Partners can interview it on your behalf and report the results back to you as soon as the next day.
Our network has many experts in Japan, China, India, Germany, and the United States.
We also have experts in many other countries. We have an extensive database of experts readily available, and if an expert is not available or if you have special requirements, we can recruit a new expert for you on short notice, usually in 1 to 3 days.
In addition to our global network of experts, GS Partners also has many connections with niche industries and fields, this allows us to recruit experts that can answer your questions, even for niche needs.
You can use GS Partners’ network and report service to conduct market research worldwide in a short time.


In addition to our services of organizing and conducting expert interviews, we also offer market research as a complete solution.
When doing market research overseas it can be difficult to know in detail the actual conditions, rules, and culture of the local market. Specially if market research is done only by indirect means, such as online surveys. On the other hand, field survey can be expensive and time consuming.
The solution to these problems is using GS Partners’ global expert network for market research.
By tapping into our global network, we can deliver an accurate report that directly reflects the advice and knowledge from local experts, all of it in a short time and at a minimum cost.
We can help you get access to regions and markets that were previously out of reach. This is a chance to expand your business and discover new possibilities.

Why choose GS Partners?


Global network

We have an extensive global network, especially in Japan and China, as well as many other countries.
Whether you are a firm looking to expand its business in Asia, or an Asian firm looking to expand its business in other parts of the world, we can introduce you to experts from the best global network.


High-class experts

We work together with local recruiting companies and tap into their databases to increase our reach. We have access to extensive databases of experts in Japan, Germany, and the United States. We can introduce you to high-class experts in decision making positions from all over the world.


Recruiting skills

We are very skilled at “custom recruiting” for your specific needs. We respond to your demands with speed and priority.
We do not rely exclusively on algorithms or automated searches of our database. Such automated processes often cannot guarantee the quality and good fit of an expert. We have a team dedicated to personally screening the experts we recommend to you, checking for things like experience, reliability, and fit to your project.
We have an experienced staff that understands the needs of each industry and project in order to assure a good match for the experts we recommend. We will proceed with your projects after clearly understanding your needs first and avoid wasting your time.


A database like no other

Our recruiting process is unique, which means that we can introduce you to high-class experts that are not registered in the databases of our competitors.
You can gain new and unique insights by interviewing high-class experts that you would never had met, had you limited yourself to their availability on other databases or providers.
Interviewing high-class experts found through a different process can give you unprecedented insights, and help you in your decision making.
We are confident that we can provide you with a new source for experts.

Service Flow


Contact us

Tell us about your project needs.



We sign a confidentiality agreement with you to reassure you that your confidential information is safe with us. *There is no upfront fee.



We send you several profiles of experts rigorously screened.



After you choose the best expert for your needs, we schedule an interview between you and the expert.
In case of a proxy interview, we interview the expert on your behalf.



If additional interviews are required, we can organize a follow-up interview with the same expert or a new one.

Process from recruiting to interview.
How does GS Partners’ process compare against others?

Other providers
Other providers
GS Partners
GS Partners


  • What kind of experts are the most common?

    The most common kind of expert in our network is decision-makers at one of the many departments in a large Japanese or international company. Many of our members are also health experts and doctors identified as Key Opinion Leaders (KOL).

  • In how much time can you introduce me to an expert?

    We can recruit a new expert for you on short notice, usually in 1 to 3 days.

  • What is the fee for an interview with an expert?

    It depends on the background of the expert. Please contact us and tell us about your needs.

  • Besides Japan, do you have experts in other countries?

    Yes. We have a strong network of experts in China, Japan, Southeast Asia, India, the United States, Germany, and South Korea. We also have experts in other countries and can recruit a new one if necessary. For new experts it might take some time.

  • Is there an upfront fee when making a contract with you or using your service for the first time?

    There is no upfront fee. We will only charge you after an interview has been successfully completed.
    *We offer wholesale discounts. Please inquire for discounts and package plans.

  • Can you do the interview for me instead?

    Yes. GS Partners can interview the expert on your behalf and report the results back to you as soon as the next day.

  • Do you make customer surveys?

    No. Currently, we target our services at Business to Business (BtoB), so we do not offer customer surveys.

  • Can you confirm the expert’s knowledge before the interview?

    Yes. To avoid mismatches, we do a comprehensive screening and ask the expert in detail about its experience and knowledge before the interview.

  • Can you provide an interpreter for the interview?

    Yes. We can provide English, Chinese, and Japanese interpreters at an additional cost. Currently, we only support these languages.